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Welcome Natures 2015 presenters!

Once you have received your invitation to present at Natures 2015, there are just two steps you need to follow to be officially registered.

Step 1: Fill out the Registration_form_for_Natures_2015 to pay the registration fee ($60 before January 13, 2015, $75 after, or $30 for those attending as non-presenters) by check or credit card. After you fill out the Registration_form_for_Natures_2015, be sure to rename the file "YOUR NAME N15 payment." 

Step 2: Submit the renamed Registration_form_for_Natures_2015via the "Registration payment methods" form linked above. You will be invited
to upload the renamed payment form (for credit card payments) and provided with a mailing address if you wish to deliver the form by U.S. Postal Service (check or credit card payments).

That's it! We are looking forward to hearing your papers on February 13, 2015. Information about travel to La Sierra University is available at directions.

Any questions? Please email us at or ContactUs.


The Natures Conference

The Natures conference was established in 2009 out of a growing awareness that environmental studies was an arena in which various disciplines could find common ground. While papers delivered at the conference cover a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to environmental ones, that original value for interdisciplinary representation persists. Natures provides young and seasoned scholars the opportunity to share their work from across the broad spectrum of the humanities, explore the variety of critical identities, and participate in the growing field of ecocriticism.

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